“I definitely can achieve twice as much by keeping fit… It keeps the brain functioning well.”

Richard Branson on the benefit of his daily exercise regime.

Our corporate ‘Wellness’ package is designed to spread practical health and fitness advice throughout a workforce. Work can be affected by a multitude of health issues. Back pain, stress, depression and fatigue are amongst the major culprits. These problems can be greatly reduced with both education and simple ‘wellness’ strategies that are easily implemented.

Everybody wins: as employees get fitter, healthier and happier the business becomes more productive. To achieve this we offer a phased approach tailored to suit your companies needs.

corporate presentation

The full package involves:

  • An in-depth educational presentation – why ‘wellness’ is important and how to improve it.
  • Hardcopies of our Fit Food recipe book to help employees with quick, easy, sensible eating.
  • A 15-minute ‘health MOT’ for every interested employee. This includes:
    • Measuring key health parameters and discussing health and exercise history.
    • 5-6 simple personalised guidelines to help improve their health: cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, dietary habits, stress reduction or mood enhancement.
    • A 2-month follow-up to measure progress and amend the guidance as necessary.
    • This has a high success rate as employees start to assume responsibility for their own health.
  • If the company has a gym or exercise area we offer our services to visit at regular intervals to conduct fitness training for employees who are interested. This can be on a one-to-one basis or in group sessions.

If our corporate services are of interest, get in touch and we can create the right package for your business.

Together we can make the workplace a happier and more productive environment.