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If you have a hard time finding the motivation to exercise, or sticking to diets that seem to work for the short-term, only to leave you in a worse shape than when you started, then Personal Training could be right for you. 

Alternatively, you may be looking to ‘tone’ up, lose fat, gain muscle, prepare for an athletic event, or rehabilitate an injury. All of these can be achieved most quickly and efficiently with the use of an experienced qualified personal trainer.

The benefits of WAKE FIT Personal Training are:

  • Increased motivation.
  • Having someone to “answer to”.
  • Professional instruction.
  • Knowing that you’re doing the right exercises for your aims.
  • Tried and tested methods.
  • Confidence that you’ll be able to maintain your results.
  • Support with food and lifestyle outside of training sessions.

Each client’s regime is tailored to their individual goals with specifically designed sessions and nutrition plans. Delivered in a fun atmosphere, enabling you to enjoy each session, this expert advice and one-to-one support is the quickest way to get the body you have always dreamed of.

personal training

WAKE FIT PT packages include the following:

  • Goal setting.
  • Results monitored throughout.
  • Progression testing.
  • Before and after photos.
  • Workout plan(s) to suit your goals.
  • Nutrition plan(s) to suit your goals and tastes.
  • Motivation in person, over Skype or by text if required.
  • Constant feedback and support.