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As a professional skater fitness is of paramount importance. I came to Sam to improve my size and muscular strength as I had seen his previous results. I not only achieved my goals, I also learnt a great deal and had fun in the process.



Working in musical theatre made me very body conscious. Coupled with a previous back injury I thought my hopes for my perfect body were behind me. I knew of Sam's reputation through a friend so I thought I'd give it one last shot. He worked with me online as I live in Germany and suddenly it all started fitting into place. Results came quick and this motivated me further. I can't wait to see how much far I can go.



I've always been a fit guy and I know what I'm doing in the gym. I did however have ambitions to compete in a fitness show and this required me to get to bodyfat levels I had never been before. I knew Sam from the gym and his background, so worked with him to adjust my routine and eating plan to look my best ready for the stage.



I had no background in fitness and needed to find someone trust worthy to help me bulk up for an acting role. Sam was instantly motivating and could answer all my questions. He started training me and 3 months later the results spoke for themselves.



I have always been fit and strong from playing rugby to a good standard but I wanted to translate that fitness into a healthy aesthetic look. Sam over-hauled my diet and training and supported me all the way. I'm now planning to smash my previous best. Cheers mate.



I had always wanted to look a certain way and had spent plenty of time and money on personal trainers. It wasn't until I met Sam that I really started to progress. I achieved my dream physique and all within the limitations of a hectic business career.