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The Perfect Workout

The Perfect Workout

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The Perfect Workout

Search the Internet for “weight-training information” or “workout routines” and you will find all types of advice to maximise your fitness results. However, in my experience, people get overwhelmed with all the minutiae and structure they are supposed to follow. This tends to lead to demotivation as many plans simple ask just too much of them.

The Two Key Factors

Today, I will bring you back to basics. PROGRESSION and CONSISTENCY are the two main factors which dictate improvement. By keeping the workout FUN you are more likely to reach long-term CONSISTENCY. Combine this with PROGRESSION and I guarantee results.

Don’t Focus on the Non-Critical

To keep this FUN, you may need to lighten up on yourself a little bit. Many things within the gym are not as critical as the ‘muscle-bound gym bros’ want you to believe. Examples of these include:

  • Avoid eating dairy or bread (unless you have a medically-diagnosed intolerance).
  • Do not socialise as you have too many training sessions and/or meals to get in.
  • Eat every 3 hours so you don’t lose muscle.
  • It is strongly suggested not to go out for dinner as it “doesn’t fit your macros”.
  • Stick with a specific exercise as its a “must-do” for big arms/leg/chest, even if you hate it
  • Not changing your plan depending on availability of equipment.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Remember; for 99% of us, this is recreation.

Recreation is meant to be enjoyable. Look for the fun and find a type of training you enjoy. Find a training schedule and frequency that you can stick to which doesn’t stress you out due to time commitments. Train with a friend or listen to music and use the gym as therapy. Whatever you enjoy, find a way to incorporate it into your exercise regime.

If you do more right than wrong over the long-term then the results will come. They are even more likely to come if you stay the course by not overcomplicating it.


It is here at WAKE FIT that we specifically tailor to these key two factors: PROGRESSION and CONSISTENCY. If you want a tailored, fun workout that is specifically designed for your individual needs then please get in touch.


Speak soon,